A 21 year-old Liberian woman named Pinky Joe had quadruplets back in July 2018.  LITE heard about her story via national news.  During our mission trip in July, our VP Operations, Theo Hallie, ventured more than 10 hours to find her deep in the interior.  When we had reach –

ed her, one child died and three were left alive.  Through our generous donors, LITE was able to give Pinky Joe and her family 6 months of food supplies and diapers.  LITE has made it their personal mission to support Pinky Joe throughout the life of her children.  She already had one 7 year old boy and now she has 2 boys and girl.  Most Liberian girls have at least one child before the age of 19.  She can feel handcuffed in poverty without a source of options and education on how to live a successful life.  LIFE is committed to ensuring Pinky Joe and her children are a successful.

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